We Specialize in the Following Areas of Law

OUI - Drunk Driving Defense

As a former Boston police officer trained in the administration of standardized field sobriety testing (SFST), Attorney Dan Daly knows the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutor's case against you.  Put that inside knowledge to work for you!  Many attorneys claim to be familiar with SFSTs, and some even claim they are "certified."  However, Dan is one of the only lawyers in MA who was actually trained and certified as a police officer in field detection of OUI cases.

Criminal Defense

Dan has almost 15 years of criminal experience which is virtually unmatched by any criminal defense attorney in Massachusetts.  Beginning in law school, Dan was selected as a member of the prestigious clinical program "D.C. Law Students in Court" where he tried and won a case against the U.S. Attorney's Office while only a 3rd year law student.  After graduation, he worked as a prosecutor in Boston and in the DC Attorney General's Office handling almost every imaginable criminal offense ranging from drug distribution to murder.  After leaving the AG's Office, Dan operated his own solo law practice dedicated exclusively to criminal defense.  When you factor in Dan's experience as a police officer, you virtually have an attorney who has functioned in every aspect of the criminal justice system.  This experience places him in a position to literally anticipate the prosecution's case and systematically tear it apart at trial.

Personal Injury

Before launching Daly Law, P.C., Dan worked as a civil litigator specializing in insurance defense at a large New England-based law firm.  Dan's practice consisted of medical and legal malpractice matters, as well as products liability and premises and general liability cases.  This experience - as an attorney for major insurance companies - gives him a specialized insight into the thought process that claim adjusters engage in when they evaluate a case.  With Dan in your corner, you will have a fierce advocate to navigate you through the claims process and ultimately guide you  through litigation and trial if a fair and just settlement is not extended to you in a timely manner.

General Litigation

As lead trial counsel in over 200 cases, Dan is ready and able to handle any civil litigation matters that are headed towards trial.  Whether you are an attorney seeking assistance with trying your case, or an individual who wishes to bring aboard a seasoned trial attorney, Dan is willing to offer assistance to fight for your case and bring about a resolution.

Restraining Orders/Civil Protection Orders (209A & 258E Orders)

Dan specializes in working with victims of sexual assaults and domestic violence to secure 209A and 258E Civil Protection Orders against their abusers.  As a former prosecutor with years of experience working with victims, he possesses great knowledge and insight to assist individuals while they navigate the court system. Retaining experienced counsel while obtaining these Orders is especially important when there is an underlying criminal investigation into the events that support the issuance of the Order.